Top 5 Phones for Geeks

We’ve rounded up the dodgeball targets of the smartphone world.

Dorks, oddballs, weirdoes, and freaks take heed. We’ve assembled the top 5 geekiest phones of this winter just for your nerdly enjoyment. As part of our Expert Guides, in this countdown to the crème de la dweebiest crème, we’ve rounded up the most unconventional, technologically advanced, or just plain cool phones that are quite attractive to niche crowds. If you are a technology junkie, or just looking for a handheld device to hopefully score you a date or four, get out your pocket protectors and toss on the tri-focals for this one.

#5: Motorola Droid Pro

This phone’s for the business dork. The Motorola Droid Pro (Full Review) is the Android version of a BlackBerry, offering large or small corporations a RIM alternative. Not only does the Droid Pro feature a Bold 9780-like QWERTY thumb board, but the phone also manages to squeeze a larger 3.1-inch HVGA screen on top for Angry Bird action from the Android Market. But we’re just gettin’ warmed up! The Motorola Droid Pro is equipped with a 1GHz processor, Android 2.2 OS, and a 3G diversity antenna for enhanced data speeds and range. Connectivity includes Wi-Fi, DLNA, Bluetooth 2.1, and 3G Mobile Hotspots with up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices. With corporate email, Google Apps for Business, VPN client, SD card encryption, and corporate directory lookup, you know you’ll be the hotshot of the week at Dunder Mifflin.

#4: BlackBerry Style

What can recite the ABCs while flipping out? No, not Sarah Palin—we’re not entirely sure she knows her ABCs. The correct answer is the BlackBerry Style! Nothing is cooler than the compact portability of a flip phone with the royal thumb treatment of a full QWERTY keyboard. The BlackBerry Style (Full review) allows any self-respecting dweeb to take advantage of every letter before snapping the phone shut in a Cool Hand Luke fashion. The BlackBerry Style also has the most excellent BlackBerry 6 OS, a full (but clunky) internet browser, and steller social networking tools. BlackBerry Messenger is enough to keep you entertained throughout the day for discussions on quantum physics and black holes, thanks to the Style’s stellar battery life. But it’s all about that full QWERTY lurking under the hot flipping action.

#3: Samsung Zeal

Let’s take flipping out to the next level with our #3 entry, the Samsung Zeal. Not only does this peculiar contraption flip up like a regular flip phone, but it can flip out just like a messaging device. But wait, there’s more! The oddly configured keyboard is actually using eInk technology that conform to the position of the screen. So, if the Samsung Zeal (Samsung Zeal) is flipped out to the side, the keys will display a full QWERTY setup. If the Zeal is flipped up, the keys will display a numerical pad and several OS shortcuts. Wowee! On the downside, the Samsung Zeal is a bit slow and lacks a decent Internet browser, but the phone’s calling card is that Optimus Prime-like Transformer action.

#2: HTC Surround

So we’ve got this solid fleet of HTC phones that all run the same Windows Phone 7 OS. How do we make this one different? We’ve already put a giant screen and kickstand on the HTC HD7 to compete with the EVO 4G and Droid X. Ooh, how about a slide-out stereo Dolby Mobile speaker panel!? Say what? Yes, the HTC Surround looks like any unassuming slider phone, only it stops sliding after a half inch to reveal a killer speaker panel with customizable SRS and Dolby sound profiles. Although a bit unnecessary, where else can you find a phone that will garner such street cred? The world’s #1 renegade dance troupe, 123 Party! found the perfect use for the HTC Surround (Full Review) by blasting its speaker panel through a mall and being forcefully removed.

#1: Nexus S

Pure Android Gingerbread. 2.3, baby. The Nexus S is a breed apart from the widget-plagued, monotonous stream of smartphones that have been clogging up the pipelines lately. The Nexus S (Full Review) is lightning quick with a 1GHz Hummingbird processor and 512MB of RAM. It features the latest Android upgrades and serves as a highly powerful vehicle that will accept the latest Android upgrades throughout the year. The Nexus S is our favorite geek device because it’s purely an OS experience and nothing else. Nothing is handed to you—you have to go out and forage in the Android Market yourself. Want facebook? Go get it yourself! With exceptional battery life and management, the Nexus S will keep you geeking for days. More phones should be like the Nexus S, but that’s what makes it so nerdlicious.

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